title=“김재하 Jaeha Kim" description=“그래픽 디자이너 김재하입니다. Jaeha Kim is graphic designer based in Seoul, Korea” author=“그래픽 디자이너 김재하“ copyright="김재하 Jaeha Kim"
Jaeha Kim is designer based in Seoul, Korea. This site is used as personal work space and a scribbling note.
Commercial & Studio works will be posted on plantarium.kr

Contact me via Phone→01089362217, Email→httpjaehakim@gmail.com
Summer Book Workshop #1 Poster, 594 x 841 (mm)

성균관대학교 디자인 소모임 'WORKING-LAB'에서 16년 여름에 진행한 북디자인 워크샵 포스터. 박권웅 디자이너를 초청하여 진행했다.